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  • adrenalism — SYN: hypercorticoidism. * * * adren·al·ism (ə drenґəl iz əm) any disorder of adrenal function, whether decreased (adrenal or adrenocortical insufficiency) or increased (hyperadrenalism or hyperadrenocorticism) …   Medical dictionary

  • hypercorticoidism — Excessive secretion of one or more steroid hormones of the adrenal cortex; sometimes used also to designate the state produced by therapeutic administration of large quantities of steroids having glucocorticoid activity, e.g., hydrocortisone. SEE …   Medical dictionary

  • dysadrenalism — dys·adren·al·ism (dis″ə drenґəl iz əm) adrenalism …   Medical dictionary

  • suprarenalism — su·pra·re·nal·ism (soo″prə reґnəl iz əm) adrenalism …   Medical dictionary

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